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At Omega, we offer granite as one of our work surfaces of choice. Granite can be made to any specification we have designed for you in-house using the latest cutting, processing and polishing tools. Our Granite solutions are ideal for kitchen worktops, but also we have designed and installed our granite solutions into bathrooms, spa rooms, spa surroundings, wet rooms, fireplaces, hearths, alfresco tops, vanity tops, staircases and risers, flooring and cladding , tables and desktops.

The Colour of our Granite

The images of Granite and Granite Worktops that we display on our website are the best possible representation of the material without seeing it for your own eyes. The photographs are subject to the colour reproduction process of the photography that was used to capture the images, as well as the screen that you are viewing it on.

The environment in which something is viewed also makes a contribution and, as such, we strongly advise that our clients come to see the granite in person at the Omega Interiors showroom.

Granite Library

Please make use of the following list if you know the name of the Granite you wish to look at, otherwise browse our complete gallery here.


Caring for your Granite

Your natural stone worktops are an investment which we appreciate you will want to keep in pristine condition. Like all stone, granite is porous, but far less than most such as marble or limestone. To keep your granite reflecting its natural beauty we suggest the following tips on care and cleaning.

• While granite is resistant to stains from most household substances, oils and grease should not be allowed to linger or they may cause lasting marks.

• The lighter granites may be slightly more porous and if water is allowed to stand for long periods darkening may occur. Generally these marks will disappear when dried.

• Do not allow spillages from fruit juice, fruit cordial, wine, vinegar or other such acidic substances to linger (especially on the lighter granites) or there may be the possibility of marks forming.

• Take care with hot pans because these may mark your granite and please use a trivet when necessary as due to temperature differentials slight cracking may occur.

• With normal use granite will not chip or scratch, however we suggest using a chopping board to avoid marks or damage to knives.

• Use detergent to clean your granite. We recommend you do not use any form of acid as a cleaner. Wire wool may be used to clean drainer grooves when necessary.

We recommend you seal your granite with a suitable product immediately after installation, having allowed the fixing compounds to set, and re-seal every 6 months thereafter. This will help prevent any substances penetrating and causing marks.[/fusion_old_tab]

Granite FAQ’s

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