At Omega Interiors, our bathrooms are carefully designed and fashioned with our customers’ needs in mind. As part of the Omega experience, we will expertly design your space, for free, with only the latest innovative products and technologies to help make your life as easy and stylish as possible, and to help you even more, our products also carry up to a lifetime guarantee.

We know that beginning a new project can be intimidating. That is why we are here to help, let us help to project manage your new bathroom retreat. This should be an experience you are looking forward to, not intimidated by. We are enthusiastic about every new project that comes through our doors and all we will need is your guiding hand. Each of our designs is exclusive to your unique requirements and desires, which we why each project will be carefully planned and given the attention to detail it deserves.

The Omega service doesn’t stop there! Finding the right installers and fitters can be another stressful experience which is why we offer our very own expert installation service. Again all a part of the full project management package. We will make the whole project as hassle free as possible. You can trust in the Omega team to design and install your dream bathroom, bringing your idea to reality.

Portfolio of our Bathrooms